Objectives of St Johns Presbyterian Church for the Community Centre [2007]

1. To be Christ to others in our serving the local community

2. To Identify and be responsive to community need.

3. To seek to be agents of transformation in our community for good.

4. To care for creation by education and example

5. To continue to enact partnerships with organisations whose work is compatible with our objectives and policies..

6 To establish and maintain an environment which is warm, welcoming, healthy and safe.

7. To run a variety of educational programmes, activities and events which contribute to the health and well being of society and demonstrate living in the way Christ shows us.

8. To establish and maintain financial records using standard bookkeeping practices and reporting processes.  That there be transparency in presentation of financial records and of financial reporting of the costs of running the community centre.

9.To work towards the community centre being self sustaining financially in order that the work can continue and be developed.

10. To review policies and objectives regularly and have in place a strategic plan for the Centre’s future


Community Centre


In 1985 the Open House commenced. It was the vision of a small group of people whose aim was to "fill a need in the community."

Within two years it was established as part of St Johns Presbyterian Church's community service and within three years it was recognised in the community.
In 1990 St Johns Church decided to employ co-ordinators for the activities of the Open House
School holiday programmes began in 1990 and three years later summer programmes were introduced as were music afternoons.

Dance and Movement for pre-schoolers - books for sale - the Kiawani's Toy Library - lunchtime concerts, courses and seminars were held.  The Winter Roast dinners began in 1998.

With a 4 term year in 1996 the number of holiday programmes and course increased.

In 1999 the Drop in centre was restyled as a cafe and in the year 2000 the centre went on the web.

In 2001, the St Johns Open House became the St Johns Community Centre, still being flexibly responsive to the changes in the community

Community Centre Activities

Currently the Community centre's activities include .

Running close to 40 adult education classes each year.

The St Johns Playgroup is open three mornings a week during term time. It is certified by the Ministry of Education

Providing lunches after mid week communion

Enabling other community groups to run, by providing the services of the community centre coordinator to help them access funding for their courses and  providing suitable spaces for their needs. 

Having partnerships with various and diverse groups in the community eg Aorere College, Presbyterian Support Northern, Parent Trust,  Age Concern, South Auckland ESLP   Trusts.

Qualified Counsellors also operate from our premises.


Community Education Programme

Most of the classes we offer are sponsored by Aorere College - using government funded community education hours to employ and pay our tutors. Adult community education classes are available for all members of the community over the age of 15. Students must be New Zealand citizens. Non NZ citizens may participate but they pay a higher fee.

The Community Centre is about people.
If you would like to be involved in any way, please contact the office.

community centre
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