26 November 2020

Term 3, 2020


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Personal Development - [ACE]
Work Talk [ELP ]
Yoga for Beginners [ACE]

Adult Literacy and Numeracy [ACE]
ART & CRAFT (Expressing Ourselves) - [ACE]
Making Sense of Life and Living [St Johns]

Mindful Colouring [ACE]

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Saint Johns Playgroup [St Johns]

Community Centre
Courses and Activities - Term 3, 2020
Tuesday 4 August - Thursday 24 September


Mindful Colouring [ACE]

Limited to 12 students
A creative self expression course specially designed for those with special needs and disabilities. This workshop develops mindfulness relaxation through the exploration of colour and colouring using felt tip pens and coloured pencils on black and white designs.
TUTOR: Jackie Gock
TIME: 10am - 12pm
DATE: Thursday August 6 for eight weeks
FEE: $25.00 plus $10 to cover materials, paid to the tutor on the first day

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