13 April 2021

Term 1, 2021


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Movement and Dance [ACE]
Personal Development - [ACE]
Work Talk [ELP ]
Yoga for Beginners [ACE]

Adult Literacy and Numeracy [ACE]
ART & CRAFT (Expressing Ourselves) - [ACE]
Making Sense of Life and Living [St Johns]

Mindful Colouring [ACE]

Community Centre
Courses and Activities - Term 1, 2021
Tuesday 16 February - Thursday 8 April


Adult Literacy and Numeracy [ACE]

This class is for English speaking adults who would like to improve reading, writing, spelling or basic numeracy skills. This is a basic class and is particularly suitable for those with intellectual disabilities.

Class provided by Aorere ACE


Note Students [or caregivers] are expected to assist with setting up any equipment for the class.
TUTOR: Esther Ho
TIME: 12.30pm to 2.30pm
DATE: Thursday February 18 for 8 weeks.
FEE: $25 for the term

ART & CRAFT (Expressing Ourselves) - [ACE]

This class is for those with special needs and disabilities exploring the expression in abstract/ investigating colour, texture and emotion. A programme designed to uncover artistic potential.Numbers are limited so booking is essential.
*Class provided by Aorere College ACE
TUTOR: Jackie Gock
TIME: 10am to 12 noon
DATE: Wednesday February 17 for 8 weeks
FEE: $25 for the term plus separate payment of $15 to the tutor for the materials

Making Sense of Life and Living [St Johns]

A practical weekly session of shared
wisdom, connecting with Bible passages.

We look at the weekly readings used by many churches for the coming Sunday [Revised Common Lectionary] and study the context of the passages and see where that leads us.

Every Wednesday. No booking is necessary and each session is complete in itself.

Morning tea provided.
TUTOR: Rev. Margaret Anne Low
TIME: 10.30am to 11.30am
DATE: Every week except during school holidays start February 16
FEE: There is no cost and all are welcome.

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