18 February 2019

Term 1, 2019


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Movement and Dance (ACE) Class 1
Music and movement [ACE]
Yoga for Beginners [ACE]

English Language Classes [ELP ]
Expressing Ourselves with Paint [ACE]
Making Sense of Life and Living [St Johns]

Adult Literacy and Numeracy [ACE]
Mindful Colouring [ACE]

Other Activities
Saint Johns Playgroup [St Johns]

Community Centre
Courses and Activities - Term 1, 2019
Tuesday 19 February - Tuesday 16 April


English Language Classes [ELP ]

There are a range of English classes from pre-literate to low intermediate.

If you or anyone you know would like to attend one of these classes, please contact English Language Partners, 141 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe.
TUTOR: Esther Ho
TIME: 11.15am to 1.15pm
DATE: Wednesdays
FEE: Contact English Language Partners for details

Expressing Ourselves with Paint [ACE]
Subject to tutor available[limited to 12 students]

A course designed for those with special needs and disabilities exploring visual expression in abstract painting, investigating colour, texture and emotion. A programme designed to uncover your artistic potential and develop confidence with the painting medium.

In this course students will learn to use some of the techniques associated with this painting process. Using both dry media, and acrylic paints they will become comfortable developing and creating their own journey through a variety of techniques within the painted surface.
NOTE Students [or caregivers] are expected to assist with setting up any equipment for the class.
TUTOR: Tutor to be found
TIME: 10.00am to 12 noon
DATE: Wednesday February 20th for 8 weeks
FEE: $20.00 with a separate payment to the tutor of $15.00 for materials

Making Sense of Life and Living [St Johns]

A practical weekly session of shared
wisdom, connecting with Bible passages.

We look at the weekly readings used by many churches for the coming Sunday [Revised Common Lectionary] and study the context of the passages and see where that leads us.

Every Wednesday. No booking is necessary and each session is complete in itself.

Morning tea provided.
TUTOR: Rev. Margaret Anne Low
TIME: 10.30am to 11.30am
DATE: From February 19th
FEE: There is no cost and all are welcome.

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